Take to the great American outdoors: 5 out-of-this-world experiences

Nowhere does holidays like America; thousands of historical monuments, beautiful natural sights and fabulous food make the USA one of those places where you've never quite seen it all, no matter how hard you try. So if you're looking for an exciting, memorable and fast-paced holiday abroad, America may just have what you're looking for. Here are our picks for an out-of-this-world experience.
Road trip: For the ultimate USA holiday, it has to be a road trip. Celebrate the land of the free by travelling coast to coast, stopping off to visit the incredible monuments, attractions and museums as you please along the way. From casinos in Vegas to horseback riding across the Wild West and taking in the sunrise at the Grand Canyon, this tour offers the best way to see America up close and personal. The beauty of this trip is you can tailor it to your own tastes and check out all those places on your 'to visit' list: a holiday that is truly your own.
Alaskan adventure: For thrill-seekers, adventure holidays are perfect for excitement and action. Head to Alaska for plenty of adrenalin rushes with kayaking, dog sledding, and no less than four national parks to explore. If that's not enough, you'll also be able to try out your survival skills at one of the wilderness camps (how long could you last in the wild?), and take plenty of pictures as you admire the beautiful fjords and glaciers.
Wild West: For those who are sceptical about travelling alone, single holidays offer trips for groups of individuals, meaning you'll be able to take a holiday as well as making plenty of new friends. And to break the ice, a Wild West break may be just the ticket. Unleash your inner cowboy/girl on the horseback trail, or perhaps during an overnight cowboy camp that offers the best cooked grub this side of Texas. With sightseeing in the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and San Diego thrown in for good measure, you'll have new pals quicker than you can say 'yee-haw!'.
Pacific dream: For those who like to keep moving, activity holidays will appeal perfectly to your fun-loving nature. And nowhere has more activity on offer than the Pacific Dream tour, with 10 national parks, three mountain ranges and four city tours for you to get your teeth into. From Las Vegas helicopter trips to sunrises over the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Dream has it all, making it perfect for those looking to try a little bit of everything while on holiday.
Bright lights, big city: For city slickers and those who love the atmosphere of the big, bright lights, a trip discovering some of America's major cities is the ideal break. Start off in the ultimate New York City for plenty of shopping, entertainment and fabulous hospitality. You can then head on to Washington DC to explore the country's rich history and have a refined, New English time in Boston, exploring the multitude of museums and art galleries. The east coast has just as much going for it as the (in)famous west, so you won't regret ignoring the pull of Hollywood and Vegas.
Of course, the beauty of America is that there's more than enough to see and do whatever you want to try. If these don't take your fancy, research thoroughly for the best (and most exciting) trips: you'll be amazed at what you find, and you may find yourself struggling to settle on which holiday package is best for you.


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