Planning Your Holiday to Spain: You Can Count on Some Sun!

It has got to that time of year again. You have thought about staying in the UK for your holiday this year, but the weather just isn't encouraging you to stay. So, take a look at holidays to Spain with Beat the Brochure.
Spain has been a popular holiday destination for years, and doesn't show any signs of changing. In the south, you can almost always count on the weather to be warm, and you can expect that you will get some sun, at some point during your holiday.
Although, not to get your hopes up, simply because of myth, many rely on Spain to be hot and sunny all day, every day, regardless of the month and season. Sadly it's not the case, with the temperature varying each month.
There are many destinations to choose from, all of which have entertainment nearby. Areas such as the Costa del Sol and Costa Brava bring in the holidaymakers in the thousands every year.
If you are looking for a long weekend, then why not give Barcelona a try? It is Spain's second largest city after Madrid. It's charming and full of culture. You will never get bored in a city like this, which is why so many people visit every year. It's placed on the Costa Dorada and provides plenty of warm sunny days to enjoy.
When planning your holiday, you may wish to consider that July and August in Spain can be too hot for some travellers, especially in the south of the country. So, if you like it a bit cooler, either head more north, or book another time of year. If you enjoy the heat, then you know when to visit!
Another simple tip for planning your holiday is that coastal areas will have the pleasant sea breezes, while more inland it may become too hot and humid. Madrid is a perfect example of this.
Spain is suitable for everyone. Families, groups of friends, couples or club 18 to 30; everyone will find a holiday destination that fits their needs and of course, their ideal temperature.
If you're brave enough to hire a car and attempt driving on the other side of the road, then you're sure to find pretty, hidden towns within the mountains that tower around the coastal areas.
In places like these you will find that it is more local orientated. The Spanish are welcoming people and will be eager to show you their way of life and get you involved.
Again, watch which time of year you visit. Most of these towns and villages are tucked away behind mountains, causing them to be more humid in the summer months.
Every holiday to Spain will be a memorable one, as it doesn't matter how many times you go, or where you go, you will find something new and exciting to do. So, book your holiday today and look forward to some sun!


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