Simple luxuries define the holiday mood

With the world as our oyster in these recent times of cheap airfare and great travel deals, choosing a holiday destination can often feel like work. Borneo or Bali? Brazil or Bratislava? The limitless choice is overwhelming. Given that a holiday is intended to remove stress rather than create it, the important factor when considering where to travel to is to simplify the entire process.
First step - consider staying within Europe's borders. Although far-flung locations are attractive, they can involve complications like long flights, vaccinations and health considerations. On the other hand, the Northern European weather is nobody's idea of an ideal travelling companion. The perfect mid-point between far-flung and too near are the sun-drenched shores and clear waters of Southern Europe, the traditional go-to destination for sailing enthusiasts and the European elite.
If you are travelling with children, or want to cut yourself and your partner off from the world and live in a romantic bubble for a couple of weeks, consider staying at one of Europe's exclusive grand resorts. The developers behind these luxurious paradises have spared no expense to create a haven where your family's every wish and whim is catered for.
The Forte Village Resort in Sardinia is a private estate set on 55-acres of pine forest. It fronts onto a crystal clear sea and white beach and runs into colourful, groomed gardens.
The resort combines a choice of restaurants specialising in Italian and Sardinian cuisine and luxury hotels, as well as a Thaermae del Forte health and centre beauty where guests are pampered with the latest beauty treatments. Among the seven hotels in which guests can choose to stay, Forte Village is home to the five star Villa del Parco, a temple to luxury which has been crowned one of the 'Leading Hotels of the World'.
If you prefer to get sporty during your holiday, the choice of activities on offer will bring you up to your sporting peak by the time you're ready to leave. Forte Village boasts 10 tennis courts, a water sports centre and freshwater swimming pools. If your child has designs on becoming the next David Beckham or Ben Foden, they can become the envy of all their classmates by enrolling in the resort's on-site Chelsea Soccer School or Forte Village Rugby Academy.
For those of you searching for a rustic setting in Southern Europe with unspoilt beaches and turquoise blue seas, the Greek islands and mainland remain a favourite destination of travellers in the know. In Greece holidays can combine the glamour of the country's glorious past with quaint villas and stylish hotels fully modernised to the standard of today's discerning customers.
Spend the mornings lazing on uncrowded beaches before venturing inland to explore temples and museums celebrating Greece's heritage as the Western birthplace of civilization. In the evenings, seek out family-run tavernas which specialise in using simple ingredients to recreate time-worn recipes of culinary perfection. The exacting standards of Greek chefs are just one attraction which has tourists returning to these beautiful and mystical islands time and again.


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