Save by bagging a self-catering holiday villa this summer

If you thought you'd left it too late to book your summer holiday for 2014, think again. Give yourself something to look forward to once the excitement of the Olympics is over with a late summer or early autumn break.
Consider villas in Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Portugal, France or Italy, and enjoy everything that Europe has to offer. Feeling more adventurous? Self-catering villas are also a great option when travelling to Barbados or the US - in Florida alone there are many fantastic villas in Orlando to choose from.
If you can travel outside of the main school holidays, prices drop dramatically. It'll still be warm across the Med, without being too hot or overcrowded. And bars, shops, clubs and restaurants will all be open.
Since villas are self-catering, you can save money by eating out less or not at all, and you have stacks of freedom. You won't feel obliged to dress up or go out to find somewhere to dine every night, but you'll still have plenty of opportunities to sample local eateries if and when you choose.
Alternatively, you may be able to find a good local take-out or phone-in service in some areas if you don't fancy cooking.
Take a picnic to the beach or stay out all day without worrying about having to return to your hotel to make their lunch or dinner sittings.
Equally, self-catering is ideal if you have very young children, fussy eaters or special dietary requirements that can make eating out tricky.
Travelling in a large group? Mealtimes can be great fun, and as noisy and as lengthy as you like! You won't have to worry about finding a restaurant large enough to accommodate you all, or splitting complex restaurant bills, and everyone can chip in with shopping, cooking and washing up.
Buying food in, say, a Spanish market if you've booked a Majorca villas, is a lot more interesting than doing the supermarket run at home. It's also a great way of chatting to people and taking part in local traditional life.
You may be able to take some of your favourite things with you, including snacks, tea bags or breakfast cereals, to get your catering off to a good start. Holidaying in France? You'll have the option to drive over the Channel with a carload of stuff.
Villas offer plenty of storage space including a decent fridge, so you'll be able to stock up on drinks and snacks for the beach or trips out as well as saving on main meals. You won't have to scrabble around for Euros or dollars every time you fancy a cuppa or a glass of Coke.
The cost of drinks can really add up over two weeks and give you a nasty surprise when it comes to paying the final bill if you've been signing hotel chits.
So check out the great selection of villa holidays across Europe, the US and the Caribbean now. Your dream self-catering break is just a few clicks away.


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