Use cheap flights to your advantage and enjoy summer in the city

Holiday-makers are an ever changing breed, one minute content to sit on a sun lounger for two weeks in Benidorm doing nothing, the next wanting to trek the Himalayas.
Over the last decade we've become more discerning and flexible about the way we enjoy our leisure time and the traditional two week summer package-holiday is fast becoming a thing of the past.
Most travellers want more from their holiday experience than just soaking up the sun for a fortnight and want to immerse themselves in the culture and sights of their chosen destination. Many of us are also choosing to spread our holidays throughout the year which helps explain why city breaks are becoming increasingly popular.
Spending a long weekend in a city can be a life enhancing experience; it gives you the chance to pack in a lot of sightseeing in a short amount of time, is often more affordable than a full week break, and allows you to re-charge your batteries but not max out your credit card.
With many low cost airlines offering affordable and regular flights to destinations across Europe and beyond, more and more people are choosing to take short breaks throughout the year rather than blowing all their cash on one expensive summer break.
Not surprisingly London is currently riding high at the top of the city-break hit lists with the recent buzz of the Queens Diamond Jubilee and forthcoming Olympics creating a tangible energy in the UK's capital city.
With cheap flights to London departing from across Europe and the UK, more and more people are flocking to this fabulous city to see sights such as Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace and to enjoy the legendary nightlife.
Perhaps the best thing about a city break is that it doesn't matter what the weather is like. It's almost impossible to walk a few paces in Central London without coming across a museum, art-gallery or fabulous shopping area, so rain or shine, you'll never be bored.
As English author Samuel Johnson famously said "...when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life" and it's easy to understand what he meant when you sample the sheer enormity of what is on offer in this iconic city.
But, if you'd rather spend your weekend break somewhere a little further afield, why not consider Paris. The very name has become synonymous with glamour, romance and elegance. Take a stroll down the Champs-Élysées, visit iconic sites such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and enjoy an exquisite meal in one of the finest restaurants in Europe.
There is so much to do in Paris that you could easily visit for a week, with museums, art galleries and a host of other attractions to explore. No trip is complete without a night at the spectacular Moulin Rouge, something of a Paris institution.
With flights to Paris available through many low-cost airlines your holiday needn't cost a fortune either, and once your flights are booked you can explore a range of accommodation options; from traveller hostels, to cosy B&Bs and 5-star hotels. Flexibility and adventure are what holidays are all about these days, so make sure you utilise the new freedom in holiday booking to suit your needs, and your bank balance.


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