Ski holiday to do list

There's far more to organising a ski holiday than just choosing a beach and packing a pair of swim shorts, like other popular vacation types, so it's important to think ahead. Here's a shortlist of some of the main things you need to consider before waxing those skis and working on that goggle tan.
Weather obviously changes throughout the year, and ski holidays in January are generally associated with deep powder days, compared to the slushy-spring conditions of March and April. But even in the space of a day, the weather can change quickly, so you need to make sure you're kitted out for every condition.
The warm, sunny morning can fast change into a white-out or a blizzard, so remember to always pack your warm layers, as well as the sun cream. Temperature extremes in the mountains are more than common all year round, so make sure you're ready for everything.
A bit like a beach holiday, there are plenty of destination options around the world which can keep every skier happy. But there's still a lot to consider - from whether you want a small, family-friendly resort or one suitable for beginners, through to whether you're looking for a huge interlinked ski area with black diamond runs or snow parks.
You can find ski resorts to cover all budgets and ski desires, in countries as diverse as Russia and Bulgaria through to more well-known French and Swiss resorts.
Remember to check with your airline and travel provider what your baggage limit is before you fly. Most airlines offer around 20-23kg, which is not a great deal considering how much you take on a ski holiday, and how much more your ski jacket weighs than your bikini or trunks!
Consider your destination and check the weather regularly before you go, but bear in mind the weather can change quickly in the mountains so you need to come prepared.
If you're bringing your own sports equipment, you'll also need to check with the airline that you are allowed to bring these, as some allow you to include them as part of your check-in baggage, while others charge extra.
Ski insurance is very different from other holiday insurance, and even if you have annual holiday cover with a provider, you need to check if it covers you for winter sports, and how many days it covers you for.
Even if you do have winter sports cover, you need to be careful it covers you for what you're doing - whether that's skiing, snowboarding, hitting the snow park, skiing off-piste, or other more adventurous on-snow activities.
Insurance is paramount when you're on the mountain as even if you're not at fault, accidents happen, and mountain rescue teams have been known to ask for insurance details and credit card charges before taking people in their helicopter to the hospital.
On that mountain you are often a long way from help if you need it, and although skiing in the mountains is one of the greatest feelings anyone can experience, the accident risk is high, so make sure you are properly covered. That extra few pounds on insurance can save you thousands in hospital fees.
There's a great article at Top Travel Blogs suggesting some tips for saving money on travel insurance.


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